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What's New in GENIUS

The following are the new features available in GENIUS and GENIUS Administration:


  • Professional Designations: Now GENIUS profiles can track the professional suffix of your institution's faculty. These professional suffices or designations include, Ph.D., M.D., B.S., E.E., etc. Module Administrators will have the authority to add designations when appropriate.
  • Multiple Institution and Department Assignments: We added the ability to track assignments from many institutions and/or departments in profiles.
  • New GENIUS Interface: The GENIUS interface has been given a new look and feel to create a more user friendly environment.
  • Store Clinical Trial Information: GENIUS has added the capacity to store clinical trial information. Now you can track the clinical trials your institution or department has completed, or will complete.
  • Add Patent Links: Now you have the ability to add links to specific patents, and US the patent/trademark office database to your profile.
  • Add Publication Links: As a user, you have the capability to add links from the National Library of Medicines Medline system to your profile.
GENIUS Administration:
  • Edit the Whole Profile: Now as a GENIUS administrator, edit the whole profile from the GENIUS pages. Prior to this to enhancement, the profile information on the general information screen could not be edited from these pages.
  • Department and/or College Level Administration: Now your institution has the ability to incorporate departmental and/or college level administration.
  • Hide/Display Fields: Now you can opt to display, or not to display your institution's fields in Genius system, including institution custom fields.
  • Administration Security Levels: Create profiles that are invisable in the Info.Office systems, and the list of Investigators.
  • Query Layout Tool: The GENIUS query/layout tool enables user to create a query and layout quickly and easily.

Professional Designations
In GENIUS, we have expanded the information that can be stored within a profile. One of the new fields of information that we added is professional designations. Now users have the ability to select the professional suffix associated with their academic and/or career achievements. These professional suffices or designations include, Ph.D., M.D., B.S., E.E., etc. Your institution's Module Administrator will have the authority to add professional designations values when requested or needed.

Multiple Assignments
The addition of multiple units to profiles is a significant enhancement to GENIUS. Prior to the addition of this improvement you could only assign one departmental unit per profile. Now you have the ability to select as many departmental assignments as appropriate. You will have a primary assignment which will correspond to your primary department at your institution. In the General section of your profile, unit department assignment will be a hyperlink. If you click on this link, you can view or select the departments you are associated with. The Module Administrator at your institution will be notified of any departmental modifications to your profile, upon which he/she will validate the changes. Being assigned to multiple departments is useful in other Info. Office products. Now faculty members are assigned to the department that is most accurately associated with the proposal, or protocol.

New GENIUS Interface
We've given GENIUS a facelift! After rigorous analyses of users' recommendations, we redesigned the GENIUS interface to create the optimal profile search environment. Everything GENIUS has to offer is just a few clicks away. You can perform searches, build profile reports, and find the GENIUS Help information you need in seconds. Most of GENIUS' most popular features are accessible from the main GENIUS page. The simplicity of the new GENIUS interface allows you to devote more time and energy toward identifying new funding opportunities for your institution.

Store Clinical Trial Information
We have added a new link on the main GENIUS page for clinical trial information. Users can now store within their profiles, information regarding the clinical trials they have complete or have complete sometime in the future. To access this information, click on the new clinical trial link on the main page of your profile. This will display a page which lists all of the clinical trials you have set up in your profile, and gives you the opportunity to add new ones.

Patent Links
Now by adding patent and US Patent/Trademark Office database links to your profile, any GENIUS user browsing your profile has the opportunity to view and/or collect detailed patent information with just a few clicks of a mouse. GENIUS users viewing the information from these links will have a more comprehensive understanding of these patents. The process of selecting and adding the patent and US Patent/Trademark Office database links to your profile is made simple. You will also have the capacity to fill out additional information about US patents. This will help people browsing your profile identify the particular patent they clicked on. Patents outside the US may be added to your profile, however they will not be linked to the live patent. For a step by step guide to selecting, and adding patent and US PTO database links to your profile, consult the online HELP system.

Publication Links
Not only do you have the ability to add patent links to your profile, you can also opt to add publication links as well. The publications are provided by the National Library of Medicine's Medline system. Taking advantage of this feature is a simple. Please consult the online HELP system for step by step direction on how to create publication links to your profile. After you create and enable these links, GENIUS users viewing your profile have the ability to read these hyperlinked citations. Full articles will be available as they are periodically added to the Medline system.

Edit the Whole Profile
As a GENIUS administrator, making profile edits has never been easier and more efficient. Now within GENIUS, it only requires a few clicks of your mouse to access a faculty member's comprehensive profile. You can edit any aspect of a profile from the GENIUS. Prior to this to enhancement, the profile information on the general information screen could not be edited from these pages.

Department and/or College Level Administration
College and department level GENIUS administration settings allow you to distribute and allocate GENIUS administration functions across multiple people. With this feature you can specify which department(s) or college(s) an administrator can administer. Once this has been set, this administrator will only be able to see and edit the profiles in their realm. They will also receive the notifications for validating profiles as well. A "full" administrator level still exists, which allows an administrator to view all departments and colleges.

Hide/Display Fields
Now GENIUS gives you the authority to determine which data fields in your profile you want to disclose to the other users. You have the option to show somes fields, while hiding other fields from all Internet browsers. This new GENIUS feature gives you more control over your profile's information. If you decide that you want to display data that was previously hidden from other users, you have the flexibility to do so.

"Administration Only" Security Levels
The "Administration Only" security setting on you profile now allows you to make the administrators of GENIUS and any other Info.Office modules invisible in the Info.Office systems. These people will not appear in the browse lists for investigators in any module. This allows you to create user accounts, and not add confusion to pick lists because these people are not investigators in your system.

Query Layout Tool
There are two types of searches that can be performed in GENIUS, quick and advanced. In either the quick or advanced search, you have the opportunity to select certain search options to narrow or restrict the number of search results. Once you perform a search that has return results to you, you have the ability to select the profiles you want to view, and the profile format you want to see them in. You have the options to view results in a full profile format, or you can create a custom layout. A custom layout contains only the sections of the profile which you want to view. You also have the option to save the selected profiles to file. Our HELP system contains detailed instructions on performing quick and advanced searches, viewing profiles, and saving profiles to file.

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